Magicki A Portalz Saga: Luv and Magick

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Magicki is a Portalz Saga that focuses on the lives and loves of several young spellcrafters in a ivy league collegiate town. In Vol One, Luv and Magick, we learn that sinister forces are merging…

Donald Trump: We Are Not the Enemy!


Donald Trump: We Are Not the Enemy!: A Muslim-American U.S. Military Veteran Explains the Muslim “Problem” and Offers Proposals for Peace When I immigrated to America from Morocco, I fell in love with the freedom…

Prison Blade: The Abduction of Abigail Averies

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As a deputy for the Sheldon Parish sheriff’s office, Abigail Averies transports prisoners throughout Louisiana. From the smallest offense to the most violent criminals, Abigail sees and hears a lot. But nothing compares to the…