Magic. A Rough Guide

Don’t be fooled by the title. England is a tough place to live if you’re a magician, a really tough place. Girls are born with the ability and are tested at birth and taken away to be raised, experimented on and finally killed off in S.A.L.E.M, an “Assessment Unit”. Boys develop their powers at around 18 so are tested regularly. Magicians are ‘collared’, a kind of lobotomy that takes away their magical powers along with free will. Renegades are hunted down and executed.

So when Lizzy’s powers return while she’s being transported in a prison ambulance and three prison guards die in the inferno during her escape, she becomes Britain’s most wanted – that is, until a housing block is decimated by a magical explosion that kills hundreds of innocent people, and Chris, a teenage magician is accused of terrorism.
As Magicians say, “Everything is Connected”

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