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Here are some of the major leak detection techniques, which we use to find how the problem actually started. 

  1. Leak detection through digital camera

Leak detection through the digital camera is possible when you are here with us. Latest technology and effective equipment, this is what our team believes in delivering to the client. In short, we are totally ready to make your day easier by providing the best services at the affordable prices. 

Also, finding that underwater leakage with our innovative digital camera leak detection method has become easier now. Perhaps, this is one of the most effective and high tech methods to find out the underwater leakage issues with that super bright camera light.

  1. Leak Detection through Acoustic Listening

Isn’t it great that there will be no digging of your floor, land, field, or garden to identify the actual problem? With the help of this acoustic device, it is possible for our experts to hear the location of the leaks even up to 2.5 meters under the surface. That’s how even deepest of the leaks are identified. 

  1. Leak Detection through Thermal Image Cameras

Our leak detection experts use this technique to explore any warm patches on the floors and walls. This helps in identifying the actual leak source, which further helps in minimizing the danger of bigger damage. Our experts will easily trace the route of cold and hot pipes by doing the thermal scanning. 

We at Plumbing Corporation Ltd. offer highly proficient leak detection services at reasonable prices. With our skilled, capable, educated and trained leakage-identifying experts, it has become easier to keep your house safe from all the leaks and other plumbing issues. We promise that the issue won't appear again, once our engineers have fixed it.